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Tokimemo Girl's Side
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A community for the otome game Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side from Konami

Welcome to the Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side community! This Live Journal community is here for fans of the otome game series Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side! Meet new fans, ask questions about the games or just stay for the goodies!

Please keep these community rules in mind!

1. Please Friends Lock all media (Drama CDs, Albums) so that only the members of the community will be able to see the post. It will encourage participation and perhaps prevent leaching.

2. Keep nds ROM download/talk under a Friends Lock as well. I highly encourage users to purchase the actual game if they can. I do understand not everyone has access and the money to… but please keep it under a locked post! Thanks! ^^;; FAQ on How to make a Friends-only (locked) post

3. Game spoilers and large images should be put under a LJ-Cut. Mainly to keep things organized and for common courtesy! FAQ on How to LJ-Cut

4. If you can, please Tag your posts. This will keep things organized, and make it easier to find past posts! Click here to see the TAG LIST

5. Please do not post fan art without the consent or credit for the artist. This includes icons, wallpapers or other graphics made from fan arts taken from google/da/pixiv or other art sites. This is mostly to keep courtesy for the original artist who drew the image.

Introduction posts are welcome and encouraged! Feel free to introduce yourself and talk about your experiences playing these games! (^_^) If you are ever in doubt or have questions please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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Official site for GS Typing PC typing game
Official site for GS 2ndKiss Typing
Official site for tokimemo GS Factory PC game where you can make your own scenes with a character (Vol.1 has Kei, Morimura and Kazuma and Vol.2 with Mihara, Himuro and Madoka)

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If you have a Girls Side fansite that you want me to link, just message me! (afuji)


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