TMGS 10th Anniversary Poster

Hi everyone! 
I was wondering if anyone has a high resolution picture of the TMGS Bunkasai poster. I was looking for it for weeks! I tried to see if someone would sell their posters but unfortunately, I didn't find anything. Plus, Konami doesn't sell it anymore. Is it okay if I can have a large resolution soft copy of it?

Thanks in advance~! <3 

Ruka CGs and secret character questions

Hi everyone! I finally got around to playing 3rd Story Premium. I had already tried the DS version when it first came out, but back then I didn't understand half the Japanese I do now, so I'm really glad I waited instead of going through it blind.

Anyway, what takes me here are Ruka's new CGs. I just beat his route with Ending 1 and I got almost all the date and school CGs that were already in the original. I realized there are still two blank spots in the album after the café CGs, and I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to get them, or redirect me to a guide. Also, I'd like to know how hard it is to get Ruka's alone CG in the 3rd year culture festival, because I don't know why, Kou started to like me a lot during the summer and he was at grinning state by November... I gave him chocolate for Valentines (maybe that was the mistake? I have a soft spot for him...), but mostly ignored him through all the game, so I'm fearing the solo CGs will be harder to get than the others.

The last thing is about one of the secret characters, at least I suppose he is. I met a very timid guy with orange-ish hair and a very long fringe after shopping. She asked me if I'd go to Alucard next week, and since I was curious I said yes, but then Ruka asked me on a date so I, um, stood him up (I felt bad for this). As expected, I didn't see him again. Who is he?
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New Pic on TMGS Premium

Edit :
Seems like there's already a topic about Arashi new pic, with a new hint.

Sorry I can't give the picture, don't know how to take it LOL.

But it happened on Sports Festival, Arashi state is :), second year, and I do a three-feet race with Arashi and got number 1.
I dunno about other requirements cause this is my first time playing TMGS premium so it's kinda new to me cause I used to the NDS version.

It's a picture of Arashi playing horse riding on school festival with other guys, I like it cause it's so manly LOL

I accidentaly got another Kou's new pic for TMGS Premium while playing Arashi route.
I'm doing Judo command, on school days, spring (april), winter uniform, Kou's state is :)
Kou is playing mahjong with a very Yakuza style

Hi everyone!

So um, I'm new here, I’ve been reading  this community for a while and I thought that I should join you,  I’m a big fan of tokimemoGS, I love all the games,when I played the first game I became addicted xD right now I’m playing the 3rd story premium and what can I say? It’s awesome!... As you can see, I’m a big fan of Arashi xD he and Niina are my favs from 3rd story >w<  but I really like all the characters from the game, Also what I like about 3rd story is  the 3p routes, they were really funny xD

Nice to meet you all! ^w^/

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Tokimeki 3rd Story B's-LOG

Hi everyone! Since some of you are posting about the latest Tokimeki 3rd Story game, I think I want to join you~! (^0^)/

I've orded the 'First Press Limited editon' and a 'B's-LOG magazine' (related to Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side Premium ~3rd Story~) last month and I've received my 'holy' package last week~! First, I fell in love with the magazine, the magazine includes some sheets and some PSP stickers. I immediately transformed my cherry blossom pink(!) PSP into a 'Konno/Shitara-PSP' *fangasm*~!!
*There were also other PSP sticker versions: Ruka/Kou and Arashi/Niina. 

Unused stickers (yet).

If you are interested and if you want to transform your own PSP to a real Tokimeki PSP, here is the link to order the magazine:

(^-^)/ Have a good day~!

TMGS Premium 3rd Story Original Custom Theme for PSP

Hi Bambi Tachis!

I just got my copy of the game last weekend~ yey! 

So the parcel included the mini figures, UMD, drama CD and a card which contains a code for the custom theme. I can only read katakana, hiragana and very very basic kanji so i can't really understand what it was saying. Plus I can only somehow... understand Japanese when uttered. I was wondering if anyone got the same card, and if so, could you please guide me :D thank you! XD
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Hello!...So about those Akagi bombs

Hey I, like many others, have been lurking this community for a very long time. So long that I can't even remember. However I do remember that it was before the english patch came out when I stumbled upon this site in dire need of help since I imported the game and barely had any idea what I was doing. Ah, memories. Thankfully english patches has been released and I could fully enjoy this game. Yay~

I told myself that when I do have the determination to finally post on this community that I wouldn't come bearing a question....but fate has other plans. D:

I'm pursuing Akagi in the 2nd Season game and I'm on my 2nd bombing and I was wondering if it would be okay just to...let it explode? Since he's not a main guy I'm not sure if it'd actually effect him or not.

Again, Hello and Nice to meet you all! It feels good not be a lurker anymore :D

About rivals (2nd season)

I have a rival problem for the second time in this game... I am going for Saeki and everything is alright there. My problem is that the other guys are bombing me if I don't go out with them (I'm in my last autumn/almost winter). So, I obviously had no choice but to go out with the ones bombing me and the two were Amachi and Shiba - and for both I have no idea how their affection got so high. Anyway... Shiba's date got me in trouble and activated the rival mode... I told Toudou she could have him and Shiba's affection dropped down. Now my question is: will this also stop him from bombing me? I don't want to be in rival mode with Toudou, don't as why. Or will it be alright to go out with him without her ending the friendship?