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Introduction Post (Squee! I <3 TMGS)

I cannot express how excited I am to have found this community! Of course, if I'd searched more diligently I probably would have found it earlier, but oh well, better late than never! :D

I was introduced to TMGS in college when I studied abroad in Japan. We had a PS2 in our dorm and I can't remember how I ended up buying it, most likely based on a recommendation from a friend, but once the door to otome games was opened to me I never looked back! <3<3 My friends and I used to gather in our common room for group gaming sessions where we'd all strategize about the best way to win the love of whatever guy we'd decided to pursue and chuckle throughout our collective efforts. Since then, I've played TMGS and TMGS2 and now I'm trying to get the TMGS 3  rom to work on my DS until I can buy it. Anyway, I'm just happy to have an entire community with which to shameless rejoice and fawn over TMGS.
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