Up and Away (keep_forward) wrote in tokimemogs,
Up and Away

Hey, everyone! Long time lurker, first time watcher-- I found TMGS in a magazine, and, me being an impressionable 15 year old back then, fell in love with it. Even now, years later, I still squee and play obsessively to get a confesion from a teenager guy I'd probably be arrested for hitting on in real life :| Still, I shamelessly enjoy it, as well as the slightly more ~ecchi side of it, brought on by the endlessly amusing skinship mode (it makes me want to write fanfiction about a sweetdevil!Bambi...).

Anyway, the main reason I'm here is to share jjewel2010's channel with you. I don't know if it's been posted before, but this girl sure deserves some kudos. She translated a lot of scenes from TMGS3 to english on her own, and then posted them to youtube for our enjoyment. If you can't wait for the patch, I highly recommend checking it out! :D

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