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22 June 2013 @ 12:59 pm
Your "Real" Self  
Hey Everyone!

I am curious to know how many of you actually play the TMGS games in accordance to your "real" self?

After years of playing the TMGS games, I realized that most of the time, I was playing with the "whichever guy I am after is the personality-type I will become" mentality. In other words, if he likes an athletic girl, I would spam the sports button (even if my real-life self has no athletic ability whatsoever); if he likes to ride the roller coaster at the amusement park, I love roller coasters (despite the fact that I find them terrifying); if he is a part of student council, I would join student council (even though I've never joined a club in my entire life); and if he'll only give me the light of day after I've asked him out ten times, by gawd, I would ask him out like my life depends on it (never mind the fact that I am an introvert and would never make the first move ever). XD XD

Point being... Most of us play the game differently from our real-life selves. So I did a little experiment and tried playing all of the TMGS games as close to my real-life self as possible. Honestly, I was expecting to end up sad and alone at the end of each game, because I am a nerdy girl who does not join clubs, does not acknowledge guys who do not acknowledge me first, does not buy birthday presents for people unless they are good friends, does not buy fancy clothes, and does not *cannot* make valentine's day chocolate. X)

I started off with TMGS1. I am a highly academic person in real life, so I spent most of my time studying, which of course made points with Reiichi in terms of test scores. However, I never went on any of Reiichi's field trips, because unless they were required for a grade (which they weren't), I would not bother. Moreover, if I had a teacher like Reiichi in real life, I would most likely be afraid of him. XD By second year, when I went out shopping for "basic" clothes (like a jacket for winter and a dress for the Christmas party), I ran into Jin. In real life, I would do my best to avoid random strangers, but since the game didn't really give me that option, I just went along with him. And because my Intelligence stats were pretty high, I kept running into him everywhere, so I eventually began warming up to him. To make a long story short, I ended up getting Jin's ending. XD I was not really surprised since hidden characters don't have as many requirements as the regular characters, but it was still nice to know that my real-life self was actually able to land someone. :3

Then, in TMGS2, I continued to uphold my nerdy reputation by doing nothing but study and hang out with friends. However, there were some things that clashed. For example, in real life, I usually don't fuss with my appearance, but because Hisoka was my best friend and I hung out with her all the time, my Beauty stats flew through the roof. X) I also somehow managed to get Itaru into Blushing, because he was always coming around and giving me attention, so I naturally gave him some back. ;) And despite the fact that Itaru and I had some differing opinions on dates--I answered the bad answer on four different dates, because that is what I would truthfully say--I somehow managed to get Itaru's ending. XD XD

For TMGS3, I did everything the same as the first two games: study all the time (I even refused invites from guys to go out on weekends before an exam so that I could study), avoid clubs, avoid a part-time job, buy and wear only essential clothing, never participate in the school athletic events, never make home-made chocolates, only give presents to anyone who was nice enough to me, hang out with my friends, and answer truthfully on all dates. To my surprise again, Tamao took great interest in me, and I took quite a liking to him too. ;) Best part: Tamao actually liked all of my truthful answers! And for some reason, he started complimenting my fashion by third year, despite the fact that I always wore a plain T-shirt and jeans (which never even got a rating). In the end, I got Tamao's ending, and I actually felt that, in real life, the two of us would have made a great match. :D

Overall, I was quite surprised that I was able to get any guy's attention, let alone his ending. It just proves that I am not as hopeless as I had originally thought. :3

So I challenge you, if you have not already, to try playing as your real self. :3 And feel free to tell me how it went! :D Were there things that happened that surprised you? What types of guys does your real self attract? Was it hard to resist the urge to play as your ideal self? Leave comments and discuss! I'd love to hear from you all. :D :D

P.S. I apologize for the lengthy entry. I was just so excited to report everything that I somehow became very long-winded. XD XD
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genkonomiko: pic#121250234genkonomiko on June 25th, 2013 01:28 am (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. I was afraid that it was a bit too long and that people would start getting bored near the middle. XD

I strongly believed that I was going to end up with no one in the beginning, because my real self would never really meet any of the guys' requirements. However, I was pleasantly surprised, so maybe if you try it, you will be too. :)

As for bombs, because I pretty much did nothing but study, the only guys I knew who could possibly bomb me were Kei, Sakuya, and Wataru (for TMGS1) and Teru, Itaru, and Shota (for TMGS2). And since Sakuya/Itaru and I were pretty good friends already by the time bombs were activated, it didn't take much thought for me to try to diffuse bombs for them. After all, who wouldn't try to hang out with a friend when he/she claims that he/she feels left out and ignored by you? Wataru and Shota were also relatively nice to me, so I was naturally nice back. Moreover, they didn't really seem to bomb me that much. I guess they were satisfied with the amount of attention I already gave them. XD Kei and Teru, on the other hand, were kind of tough. The first time they started bombing me, Tsukushi/Yuu told me that I was being cold to them. Normally, whenever someone tells me that I am ignoring and/or being cold to someone, I try to reach out to that person. So no qualms there. However, when I invited them out to a place I wanted to go, they always said "no," and because I usually give people 3 chances before giving up on them, I tried reaching out another two times. But they kept refusing, so I eventually just said "Fine. You go be sulky that I am giving you the cold shoulder" and didn't bother again after that. However, by the time I got to that point, there wasn't really enough time left in the game for the bombs to explode on me. X) Of course, if you are a well-rounded girl, you will probably run into more problems because you will have met more characters who will all be vying for your attention at some point, and if you're the type to just say "screw you for saying I'm ignoring you when you ignore me right back," then in order to remain true to yourself, you would just have to let the bombs explode. Perhaps it would be best to play TMGS3 to avoid this problem altogether. XD

And yes, I did not ask any guys out until they started asking me out first. I did make one exception to this though: when Itaru gave his student council speech and was boo'd by everyone, I felt so bad for him that I invited him out the following weekend in an attempt to cheer him up. He was in Smiling at that point, so I could consider us friends when I did this though.

Hehe. I ran into a similar problem when trying to do recreational activities. XD I wish there was a "computer" and "video games" activity, but since there wasn't... the next best thing I could do in my time off (like Summer Break and long weekends) was art and hanging out with friends. X)

Should you ever choose to try playing one game as close to your real self as possible, I would love to hear about it. :D