genkonomiko (genkonomiko) wrote in tokimemogs,

I'm New Here

Hello Everyone!

My name is Kiyoko and I have been watching this community for some time now, and I figured that it was high time I join already. XD I have been a TMGS fan since 2003 (when I was in early high school), so I have pretty much grown up with these games. :D

My favorite game of the series is TMGS3. While I have a nostalgic connection to TMGS1 (it being the first one of the series I got into) and a decent amount of respect for TMGS2, my love for Tamao Konno and Kenta Taira is just too strong to ignore at this point. XD XD Does anyone else feel absolutely horrible that the game doesn't allow you to be nicer to Taira-kun (i.e. actually GIVE him Valentine's Day chocolates)? Poor guy. XP

Anyway... I noticed that the community has become somewhat inactive as of late, but hopefully that doesn't last long. I look forward to having many awesome and interesting conversations with you all. :3

Yoroshiku ne~! ^__^
Tags: introduction

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