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13 April 2013 @ 12:48 am
Tokimemo 3rd Story Premium guide?  
Hi guys!

So I've been playing 3rd Story Premium for a while now, and I ran into this little problem. I've kind of tried my best at getting the PSP exclusive CGs for the guys, but I've only managed to get a few. There are no English faqs for the psp version, so I was wondering if someone could link me directly to a japanese guide or help in some other way? (my Japanese is nothing to be bragged with, yet I guess I might manage with my jisho haha)

Also, a guide or friendly advice on the episode/climax mode would be much appreciated! The skinship seems to follow the same pattern in some places, yet I'm not entirely sure. And about the regal crown's sparkling effect; does the itazura/meromero meter follow the same pattern too, or is it random? I invited Kou to a date, and the meter was very near to itazura at the beginning, yet since I picked the worst answer I did the good old load trick and played the same date again - yet this time the meter was really close to meromero? It kind of confuses me, so all tips would be great!

Lastly, has anyone tumbled upon a faq with correct date answers? I have found one for Kouichi only ; v ; Have a lookie here, if you're interested: http://dollunderwater.livejournal.com/4773.html

Thanks beforehands everyone <3
Tuulenkukka: pic#120596052tuulenkukka on April 16th, 2013 09:16 am (UTC)
Haha, I personally like his 'cool' hair better since I can actually see his eyes xD sometimes I'd like to smack Ruka's hair off his face too since it covers like the half of it.

Well yeah, it feels much more different than the DS version. I might say I even like the 'approach' mode better than skinship, since you really get to 'get closer' to the guy as you do so - and they blush like immediately when you get close enough xD which really amuses me since you could see Arashi blush like 3 times in the DS version, yet you just need to lean close enough in Premium to see that reaction haha~ Riiiight, I forgot to mention that you can even flip the screen by pressing 'select' in Premium. That way the screen focuses on one person only, bringing them much closer to the screen u v u <3

Sure, it was no problem <3 I'm glad I could help <3