Yusagi (darkbunnyrabbit) wrote in tokimemogs,

I am so disappointed in Hazuki Kei's storyline so far. I must have done my stats wrong or not picked the correct date spots throughout my playthrough, because I'm almost finished and almost certainly will get Hazuki's confession, but I've gotten like...two or three unique CGs out of him. No background, no *wink nudge this is your prince* moments, and barely even as many moments as any other person I try to romance. I had heard Hazuki had the biggest and most interesting playthrough, since he's the main love interest...

Is it a stats issue? I misread the horoscope for the first...year and a half, probably, so my stats were too low for his affection to go anywhere until I realized all the girls fall under 'leisure' regardless of which stats they raise. Hazuki was slacking so badly there Morimura almost successfully stole the heroine away until Arisawa's rival mode activated. Which really, woman, don't you get angry with me, your dream guy was doing 100% of the pursuing. Should I restart my playthrough and raise my stats more quickly? Or should I restart it and study the faq on which dates I should be taking him to and when?
Tags: 1st love, help, question
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