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TokiRes - Getting the Game, and Beginning the Game

*Note: This for the iOS version tutorial. Yeah. >.>

Personally, I haven't tried getting a Japanese account through my iTouch.
So. I'm doing the iTunes way!
It's fairly simple, all you need is an alternative e-mail address from the one you usually use.

First, make sure, that you're logged out of your current iTunes account.
Second, look up 'ときレス' on iTunes.
Now, try to download it.
It asks you to sign in right?
Create a new Apple ID.
Make sure it's in the Japan region, otherwise, you can change it.
You can tell if you see this message on the Terms and Conditions.
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Then you just fill in the necessary information.
The Billing information is mainly the hard part since...well...credit cards. >.>
You did try to download TokiRes right?
There's a 'None' option added for the credit cards. <3
Click on that box and fill in the billing information.
For Japan's zip code, you need to put in a seven digit number, which is usually like ### - ####
Hopefully it could work out for you guys, when you're done. ^^

When you start, you get a suuuuuuuuuper long wall of text. Bleah. = n =
That's just the terms and services for the game.
Just scroll all the way down and hit the button. <3

Next is a form. The top portion is your nickname, while the bottom portion is your birth date. Only the Month and Day.
Try to keep your nickname short, okay? ^^

After you confirm it, they ask you about loading another app called 'Kiwi'.
So, just hit the first button. The second button will have you load the app, and you don't want that, unless you actually have it.

And there you go! ^^
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