Quinario (maa_chan) wrote in tokimemogs,

Not so Bambi

Hello everyone!
I've been replaying Tokimemo GS3 lately so I've got the urge to draw a fanart.
Here's a quick fanart of Bambi that I drew.

The flower thing and bg are not mine but from the great and awesome ツヅウズ from pixiv.

Anyway, I have a few questions and hoping that someone can answer it for me.
I've been wanting to play Tokimemo GS Premium 3rd Story but my PSP is broken and I only have a Vita.
I want to buy it digitally so what I want to know is does anyone here own a digital version that they bought from Japanese PSN?
And how does the graphic look like in Vita?
also is it far more better than the DS version? what am I missing?
Tags: 3rd story, fanart, question
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