Nee-kee (illegalseagull) wrote in tokimemogs,

Best Friend CG

Hi all,

I've never posted here before, but I must say I thoroughly enjoy all the TMGS enthusiasm!

I was doing a playthrough for a secret character in TMGS3, and on my way I thought I would go for the Tamao/Seiji Culture Festival CG. I accidentally stumbled into Best Friend Mode with Shitara-sempai, and I thought why not go for it!

I've always ignored Best Friend Mode in all the other games, but I want to know how to get that CG (whatever it is. Will I be disappointed? I don't care, don't tell me). I searched online already, but all I see is "Meet Best Friend ending requirements." But no details about what that is.

I've failed twice: I met his parameters, went through ALL the bff conversations, and dated him a ton to get his meter up. I only had his love meter halfway, though. Is that the trick? Or do I need to have someone else ready and waiting to confess to me after? I'm a little confused. Let me know!

P.S. I've seen glimpses of TMGS doujinshi. Are there places where we can read it online (Japanese is OK)?
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