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Arashi+Niina cg help pweeze!

I'm sure every one is over this but does anyone know how to get Niina+Arashi 3P CG#9? I've been working on it so many times and still can't get it. T_T; This is on TMGS3 btw, not premium but I think it's probably about the same conditions?

On one guide I saw..

9. Shower
Available: Summer, school days.
Affection: Arashi is :) or lower. Junpei is :) or higher. Junpei's affection
is higher than Arashi's.
Conditions: Use Judo club command.

Another said...

(9) Shower (Summer, Niina at :D, Arashi at :) ONLY)

My plan was do all the steps to meet Niina early (in 1st year) while basically following the horoscope for raising stats (minus charm and art since they don't matter so much). Work at the pool with Arashi until conbini is available then change to work at conbini with Niina. After Niina enters school do a lot of studies and style while dating at least once or twice a month. But it always ends up that Arashi has higher affection than Niina when the 3P starts and pretty soon summer is over. =(

One time I got Niina to :) before summer was over but Arashi was still higher.
Another time I got Niina to :) and tried standing Arashi up on a date and he went from :) to :| but then 3P mode didn't start. T_T;
Most of the time though summer ends with Arashi at :) and Niina still at :|.

What can I doooo~? Am I not supposed to be able to get this in 2nd year summer?? x_X; Maybe I have to wait till 3rd yr summer? Any life experience welcome, lol!
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