tssf1412 (tssf1412) wrote in tokimemogs,

Ending #3 in TMGS2

For some reason I can't activate the ending... If I got it right I have to sate two guys and have them both at tokimeki state (I chose Amachi and Shiba, Shiba is the one with the accidental kiss.)
I also know I shouldn't get Shiba as best friend (I got that already) and sadly I did get the event when he appears after the date because I had problems getting enough dates with Amachi and I just ended up putting two in a week and for once a miracle happened and love mode wouldn't activate. So when I got the call from Shiba I decided to explain the misunderstanding and everything went fine until I finally made it to the last day and now instead of getting Amachi, Shiba is the one confessing when I'm supposed to turn Amachi down first...
Is there any way to solve this without going back to the point where I had two dates in a week with Amachi? I would really hate to play through all the months again... And I'm also not too sure about whether I could get the 25 dates with Amachi if I didn't put two of them in a week. At first it seemed easy, but then Shiba was like a dog asking me out every second or third week...
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