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Introduction & Birthday Post

Introduction is in order! Nice to meet you all! My friend usually call me Kazuya. Umm, I don't know what else to say. Hope to be part of this lovely family of TMGS lovers!

Anyway, it's September 4 now! Well, in Japan at least ^^' So, have a happy birthday, Waka-sama! Should we turn on our DS? XDD

And, I really want to contribute something to this wonderful community! In dedication of Waka-sama's birthday, too. I made this scrappy piece of fic. I haven't write in English for so looong. I'm sorry in advance if there's any mistakes! (>.<)

Link to fanfiction: Waka-sama's fanfiction.

By the way, I made my own ava following the ava from Waka-sama's twitter account. Um, I don't really adept in Japanese, but I think it says something about putting that in celebration of Waka-sama's birthday? Anyway, the picture is taken using an emulator. XDD

Once again, really, really nice to meet you all! *throws confetti*
Tags: 2nd season, fanfic, introduction

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